Management Europe's Customers

Our customers are medical and digital sector companies, software editors in the field of health, critical care, medico social, medical technology companies (medtech), e-Health platforms, Serious Game companies of medical vocation, companies in medical devices (class 1,2,3), m-health companies (embedded mobile medical technologies).

We support mainly Guest ranging in size from start-ups to ETI (Intermediate Size of Enterprise) during the different phases of development and their corollaries in terms of needs.

We have in our portfolio, customers of innovative start-ups that have approached us and have since  created value. Depending on the needs and resources, interventions can be specific or over time.

The aim is to help start ups quickly understand the reaction of the market to their offer and possibly correct  the “shot" to iterate in better conditions.

We accompany Companies that were originally Start-ups and are today lovely SMEs, in 3 years the sales turnover has been multiplied by four.

We believe, as our network of American contractors who have had success in business, start-ups have the agility to face more established competitors and it is a force to organize usage, technological, disruptive business model. Like them we think that because of the limited resources the right to persist in error is limited in the long term.

SMEs and Intermediate size Enterprises represent the majority of our customers. It's on their behalf that we developed our offers and our methodology to pragmatically address different business growth needs.

Are we addressing a new market ? An already mature market which requires an amendment of competitive balances ? How to access  different international markets? Assess the opportunities and risks. How to "Market" my offers to maximize the value proposition and perceived value ? Where and how to reorganize my profitable segments ? With whom ? Our services of ad hoc analysis and operational support in the long term are completely in the needs of innovative SMEs and growth.

The corollaries in terms of Management are also issues .How to move from a management style that is built around the founder to a more industrial mode ? How to manage change? Should we create an ad hoc Business Unit ? Call on other resources ? ....

Private Equity, VC having a portfolio of promising start ups or innovative SMEs but encountering some difficulties in positioning themselves in their markets, especially internationally have contacted us.

 Management Europe has also been solicited for phases of due diligence

Some Business cases

Ultrasound Solution in SaaS mode
Elaborations of business models. International support in the US and Europe.

Group software editor in the  health and medical sector
Several strategic and competitive positioning missions, support in the deployment of Operations for export (area North America, central, Germany).

Manufacturer of implants
Support with the deployment of operations in Mexico (regulatory and distributors). Strategic support in the US to create value for shareholders with a high leverage.

E-Health PlatformParticipation in the design of a new Web 2.0 platform and business reference model. International development (Europe, Latin America, Asia).

•  Serious Games for Medtech company
General Management, major customer in the medical field who used a serious game to enhance its technology for its IPO.

A major player in e-health applicationParticipation in "opening doors" to high level in the Pharmaceutical Industry in Europe. Medical Marketing Optimization.

Biotech Vaccines
Investigating a fundraiser to fund a Phase 2. Control of the due diligence and the Business Plan.

Reference list on request, treated about 30 missions.

Some interventions in the ecosystem

International development in the sector of Health effect of leverage for creating value.

The document of intervention in April 2015 Management Europe at AFIC ( gathering several players in private equity.

• Best practices for export to the USA, trends and business cases

Webinar presented at SNITEM – The National Association of Medical Technologies Industry (sent on request)

Our Expertise

Strategy consulting, business development and operational implementation for start ups, SME / Intermediate size Enterprises in the health and digital sector.

A service ranging from earmarking financing to international sales.

Our Services

  • Trade Finance and Export
  • Positioning and Strategic Marketing
  • Sizing export markets
  • “Go to market” recommendations
  • Market Access
  • Operational implementation
  • Business Developement
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