Management Europe : Missions

Management Europe’s "Business Development" Missions can be of 2 types :

1- The "stand alone" consulting missions which are rather short (for example the objective is to formalize a clear international Business Development Plan in one or more countries and answer the questions: Which Country ?  When ? How many ? How ? With whom ?  Market Access ? What funding ? What profit / ROCE ? Regulatory ? Stakeholders ?

2- Missions of longer duration with the operational implementation of advice by your teams and those of Management Europe. An example is the opening of operations in France and the opening of first businesses.

The duration is hence variable and depends on the type of mission. They range between 1 and 12 months, with a large majority of missions that take 3 to 6 months.

Periodic coaching is also done over time, many customers use our services regularly for 4 years during the different phases of growth.

When we implement our recommendations we wish to share with our customers some of the risk (and the success) and propose a variable for our fees to demonstrate our commitment.

In exploration or implementation of growth initiatives we describe below the questions you ask yourself when you need to address a new market, engage internationally, launch a new offer or reposition one.

Where, in what markets to go ? How to size them and arbitrate, who are the competitive players in these markets, what strategies to adopt ? With what resources (financial, internal or external) ? Do I have the required competencies in-house ? Otherwise how long will it take for the experience curve to be efficient ? How do I target my profitable customers and organize myself accordingly ? How do I "market" my offer ? What scenarios of "go to market” to implement ? What timetable is realistic ? Is it relevant to make an acquisition, JV, to be apart from an activity ? How to work around my threats and weaknesses ?


The proposed financing to support different Business Development operations are seen from a strategic perspective and as additional resources to achieve goals.

What is your capital, your cash, is this enough for your ambitions ? If not what strategies to adopt to respond to them (Private Equity, Public Financing ....) ?

Business Strategy

When the company grows, repositions itself on new growth or reflect on Business Models or future strategy, the external assistance of Management Europe allows, in addition to challenge without internal complacency its plans by external providers, to address strategic questions: Which are the most appropriate decisions on my markets ? What are my Strategic Business Areas ? Is it relevant to continue these ? What could be the opportunities? Which Business Models to implement, what value proposition, what value chain, what revenue streams ? Should I do it alone or with a partner, a JV, acquisition ? How to turn ruptures into opportunities in my company ?

Strategic Marketing and Operational Marketing

A crucial step and one that is often underestimated especially in mature and emerging international markets are Strategic Marketing and Operational Marketing. What is the initial diagnosis ? The local competitive environments, the relevant targeting ? How to align strategic intentions, enhance the value proposition? What is my customer acquisition cost ? What are my most profitable segments ? How to touch my profitable customers ? How to value my differential and profitable customers ?

For operational marketing and communication, must one reorganize marketing materials, communication and business ? What will be the implementation ? My Digital strategy, is it optimal ? How to make it more efficient or challenge it ? These actions can have an impact on the reorganization of the internal value chain, how to operate this change to "usefully” thwart habits ?

Business Development : New markets, new opportunities, international sales development

We believe that developing new markets at the International level and in France must be done in a rigorous and realistic way to allocate the right resources for your company.

As SAI (Société d’Accompagnement à l’International - Company in support of the International) Management Europe has developed a tried and tested methodology to effectively address the International, and also the French market. We leverage our local resources to validate the interest of the market, make very sharp competitive studies, project the real sales opportunities, integrate local regulations to challenges, develop scenarios of "go to market" which arbitrates with you according to your ambitions and resources.

We verify our scenarios and our hypothesis of appetence of your products to the target market, we  possibly re-organize them depending on the intensity of the market pull.

We help you sign agreements with motivated distributors and those that have the sales synergies  complementary to yours. We can assure Territory Management and participate in sales if your teams are reduced or dedicated to other missions.

Our Expertise

Strategy consulting, business development and operational implementation for start ups, SME / Intermediate size Enterprises in the health and digital sector.

A service ranging from earmarking financing to international sales.

Our Services

  • Trade Finance and Export
  • Positioning and Strategic Marketing
  • Sizing export markets
  • “Go to market” recommendations
  • Market Access
  • Operational implementation
  • Business Developement
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