Value proposition and methodology of Management Europe

The approach of Management Europe is very pragmatic and iterative. A team of consultants, often a pair and defined according to the needs and context, complement the teams of our customers: An outside team of insiders.

THE TEAM : The team is flexible and adapts to different scalability phases of the project, it can be strengthened if necessary or otherwise allow time for our customers to implement some structural recommendations.

DURATION : Consulting missions that are “stand alone" are rather short, the operational implementation of this consulting by your teams and those of Management Europe are of a longer duration.
The duration is hence variable and depends on the type of mission. They range between 1 and 12 months, with a large majority of missions that last between 3 and 6 months. Periodic coaching is also made available in this time; several customers use our services regularly for 4 years during the various growth phases.

PAYMENT MODE : When we implement our recommendations we wish to share with our customers some of the risks (and the success) and propose a variable part of our fees to demonstrate our commitment.
The iterations can be adapted depending on the shared experience the pace of work, the operating mode with internal teams and to adjust the working hypotheses.

Furthermore the value chain of "Business Development" is complete since it is the earmarking of funding mechanisms to operational implementation of strategic recommendations.

Our operational presence in certain international health markets (France, Germany, UK, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil Turkey, Thailand ...) also allows to professionally develop on the internationalization of medical technology companies based on the methodology of Management Europe.

Your Benefits

Focus on time-limited value creation based on best practices is part of our mission and your benefits, an outside team of insiders to help you accentuate your differentiation and enter new markets.

  • A new, pragmatic approach to the demand for strategic management and Business development to create the limited-time value, more flexible than conventional employment contract
  • Access to a new international network, of high-level, experienced and specialized, in Health.
  • A detailed knowledge of the international markets of Health to make the right decisions of "go, no go" and to facilitate Market Access
  • Support to structure strategic thinking and explore opportunities for technological breakthroughs, economics or usage.
  • A very pragmatic approach adapted to SMEs and largest Enterprises.  Single point of contact for missions: Management Europe.

Our Expertise

Strategy consulting, business development and operational implementation for start ups, SME / Intermediate size Enterprises in the health and digital sector.

A service ranging from earmarking financing to international sales.

Our Services

  • Trade Finance and Export
  • Positioning and Strategic Marketing
  • Sizing export markets
  • “Go to market” recommendations
  • Market Access
  • Operational implementation
  • Business Developement
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