Development strategy
for start-ups and SME in sectors of life sciences , health and digital

Our Mission :

We provide companies with business development solutions for companies in the Digital and Health sector.

To business issues we propose complete business development solutions ranging from strengthening of capital (public and private funds), development of strategic innovations and operational support in key growth areas.

With our headquarters based in Paris we cover missions in France and around the world.

Geographic coverage: Europe, North America, Central and South America, Turkey, MEA.

In terms of the 4 most important markets for health the order is USA, Japan, Germany and France

Our Vision and Strategy :

The health sector is evolving and porosity with other sectors such as new technologies allow many opportunities for the emergence of: e-health, embedded software in medical devices, big data ...

However the challenge remains in proposing offers with profitable Business Models and positioning one’s self in time in these new markets.

Our vision of the health sector is deliberately broad and we have customers operating in medical software, medical devices (class 1,2,3), Medical Imaging, biotech, e-health and telemedicine to open new opportunities especially for build-up.

We offer complete development solutions to our customers ranging from one-off business assistance to more sophisticated arrangements such as creation of a full joint venture integrating research of new equity and the board.

Some numbers :

Mobile Health in Europe with a market valued at $ 7 billion in 2017 is the first world market. GSM - PwC

7/25/50: Europe is 7% of the world population, 25% of  the global GDP and 50% of expenditure on health in the World. Angela Merkel

Management Europe helps companies not to miss the windows of opportunities.

The creation of limited-time value is the priority of missions and is part of our DNA.

We act externally within the teams of our customers "an outside team of insiders".

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